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Amanda Palmer - Running Towards The Light

In case you wanted a youtube link rather than a tumblr stream, Running Towards The Light is now on youtube :)

Image from the performance (the only one that seems to have surfaced so far?) taken by @GlobeKConti on twitter

Download mp3 here :)

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  • Question: Hi Amanda! I've read several times that you think Tumblr is dying. I was wondering what's make you think that ? Thank you! Much Love. Xx - lorelei-l
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    that mostly comes from watching my own statistics decrease here and increase on other social platforms, coupled with anecdotal evidence from other artists/people not loving the “addicted to outrage” tone that frequently happens here. it seems people are quietly slipping away because of the noise. I plan to stay. but it’s depressing.

    "Addicted to outrage". I’ve never heard Tumblr more adequately described.

    you can thank neil gaiman for that one. i stole it.

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I really like this version to be honest!


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  • Question: Hi :) How's the book going? Anything cool happen today? - lucyisawriter
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    Hi :) thanks for asking. i’m writing up a fucking storm. something cool did happen today.

    i was walking down napier street in fitzroy, on my way back from a long day containing a yoga class, a really perfect cup of coffee and a real nice bowl of vegetarian soup at the vegie bar, where i wrote about 5,000 words, then stopping by the bookstore and buying a copy of one of neil’s books for a friend and a copy of walden by henry david thoreau for another friend and a spontaneous art-book gift for some people in a share house i recently met who did something nice for me last week. they asked me if i wanted a bag and i thought about it and finally said yes and was really happy that my wet yoga clothes fit into the bag perfectly with all the books.

    i passed the beautiful fitzroy town hall and the sun was setting and coming through the trees and buildings in blazing patches on the sidewalk in front of me, but the wind was cold, and i was warm every time i walked into the sun, then cold again every time i was back in the shadow of the buildings.

    and i thought to myself

    "i am absolutely, perfectly happy right now. nothing’s missing. amanda, remember this feeling."

    and right at that moment i passed by a dog behind a fence in someone’s yard, and he said hello and so i went over and patted his head and looked in his happy dog eyes. and i thought: maybe this is a sign from Dog that i need a God.

    that was pretty cool.

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Not everything has to have a point. Some things just are.

Judy Blume in Summer Sisters

Song: “Judy Blume” by Amanda Palmer

i found out yesterday that i may have a chance soon to play this song, in person, for judy. it’ll be one of the best moments of my life, shit you not.

meanwhile - rock on maria. this is a great blog. x

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Australian Nerdfighters in Sydney at our annual national gathering- just after an impromptu performance from the amazing Amanda Palmer!

See…sometimes when you have Nerdfighter gatherings, Amanda Palmer just SHOWS UP and plays you music. It’s part of a deal we made with the universe.

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Amanda Palmer’s open letter to Santa Claus caught my eye. I then proceeded to rip it out and stick it into my pocket

I <3 AFP

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sharing the cosmic cold sore: a meditation on life, death, and art (and anthony’s new book)


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a lot of you have been asking - on the road and on…

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  • Question: Aren't you concerned that this concept album is offensive to disabled people and abuse survivors? Personally, I'm sickened by the thought that this is going on. - Anonymous
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    This is a touchy subject, and not an easy answer. It took a while for me to respond to this, and I spent a few days mulling this over.

    A lot of Amanda Palmer’s work is about context and knowing her purpose, which is especially important for Evelyn Evelyn. This album and this show were never meant to offend in its portrayals of abuse and disabilities.

    A lot of people were upset by Amanda and Jason’s backstory when the album came out (and the articles debating it still exist if you google them), mostly saying how the story that Amanda and Jason found and are helping the sisters perpetuates the stereotype that disabled people need help from able-bodied people. While this may be apparent if you dig deep enough into metaphor, it is not done with that purpose.

    If you’re going to dig into metaphor, try this: the sisters aren’t conjoined just to be disabled, but their condition is used thematically to push their objectification as women, children, and celebrities. It should be noted that their story involves a search for a personal identity, something we touch on in the show in relation to the song “Evelyn Evelyn”. Separated identical twins often struggle with identity in real life, so their conjoined nature exaggerates this facet of twin life to an ironic extent.

    This show, and AFP and Jason’s backstory (if seen offensively), does not have a real happy ending…because adolescents’ search for an identity doesn’t work like that. The girls are put through abuse and controlled by crazy adults consistently, and in the duo’s conceit perhaps that doesn’t end. Trauma takes much longer to recover from; you can’t just upload music you made secretly and get famous from it and be happy forever.

    As for the hinting at child porn and physical, mental, and sexual abuse…I’d have to quote Amanda and say that “art making people uncomfortable isn’t’t a good thing, or a bad thing. it just is.” In our retelling of the tale, we will not censor the story. There is a lot of implied abuse; from being raised in a cage, to porn/sex slavery, to objectification as a sideshow, to working in a motel boiler room in exchange for shelter…these girls go through a lot. But every time they are faced with an awful situation, they become strong enough to overcome it, and that’s what’s important. That’s what an audience should take away.

    Strength comes from overcoming difficult circumstances

    Adults don’t always know what’s best for their child, and often forget that their child is more important than their needs

    Love is not always innate, we often find our own families

    This story at its core is also…..not real.

    It exhibits a lot of elements of Absurdism (like A Series of Unfortunate Events or Kafka’s Metamorphosis), where things don’t always happen for a reason, but the characters have to deal with the situation. My point - sometimes there is none.

    I’m not glad that art can offend like this, but I am glad when it creates discussion

    I’m sure you remain steadfast in your opinions, but I hope I quelled something and we can continue with a clear conscience

    Peace, love, and theatre,

    Henry Willis Ballard

    (blog moderator, writer, producer, and asst. director)


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Photo Set


I made an AFP gifset to cheer myself up. Enjoy, Tumblr! x


From forthcoming Danish independent documentary about female representation in the music industry. Out early 2014.

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