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Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman - Perfect Couple.

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I tell myself not to listen to “Bigger On the Inside” by AFP because it will make me sad. Then I listen to it anyway and it does make me sad but I also don’t regret it.






when someone throws away
a broken mirror
in a city street

it’s an invitation

to see things more whole

as the little gluedrops of rain

piece you back together

ya know
its broken
so they threw it out

why you gotta be like that??

let me have my high school bad poetry moment ffs

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I have wasted years of my life agonizing about the fires I started when I thought that to be strong, you must be flame retardant.

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today was my birthday. it was also the two-year anniversary of my #TheatreIsEvil @kickstarter-launch.
i wrote a blog about what i’d love (hint: #HelpAnArtist #BackAnything #connect). you can read it at and if you’d be so kind, please share. and contribute to the comments and discussion. that is the biggest gift you can give me, and that is what i would love for my birthday. oh, and for you to know that you’re loved. and that’s all.
thanks everybody.

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Keep making art. Keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing. Keep working. Keep existing and keep being a good person. There honestly is no easy answer, and you’ll never, ever convince the people who are committed to anger and hatred to come out of their troll-caves. Your energy is better spent talking with the people who are committed to better things. And if you wind up feeling utterly, absolutely alone, know that you have at least one ally out there in the universe. Auntie Amanda will fucking hug you: she’s been there.



Amanda Palmer

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You can watch The Art of Asking by Amanda Fucking Palmer for TEDTalk [HERE]

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Amanda Palmer - Running Towards The Light

In case you wanted a youtube link rather than a tumblr stream, Running Towards The Light is now on youtube :)

Image from the performance (the only one that seems to have surfaced so far?) taken by @GlobeKConti on twitter

Download mp3 here :)

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  • Question: Hi Amanda! I've read several times that you think Tumblr is dying. I was wondering what's make you think that ? Thank you! Much Love. Xx - lorelei-l
  • Answer:




    that mostly comes from watching my own statistics decrease here and increase on other social platforms, coupled with anecdotal evidence from other artists/people not loving the “addicted to outrage” tone that frequently happens here. it seems people are quietly slipping away because of the noise. I plan to stay. but it’s depressing.

    "Addicted to outrage". I’ve never heard Tumblr more adequately described.

    you can thank neil gaiman for that one. i stole it.

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